S02E03: Work

SERIES 2 EPISODE THREE: WORK There is a new job up for grabs and the Interviewer is in charge or finding the right person for the role... More->>

S02E02: Thought

SERIES 2 EPISODE TWO: THOUGHT The Interviewer has to test the HOFF-7000, a new mind control device, what could go wrong STARRING... More->>

S02E01: Remember

SERIES 2 EPISODE ONE: REMEMBER The Interviewer is back, but he's forgotten it all Just how far will MOTHER need to go jog his memory... More->>

S01E10: Book

SERIES 1 EPISODE 10: BOOK Proficient readers are all too rare under MOTHER's regime, but when Hannah sneaks in under the radar, perhaps her... More->>

S01E09: Copy

SERIES 1 EPISODE 9: COPY Another day, another endless round of the same questions and faces but when test patient Stewart arrives, things start... More->>

S01E08: Mate

SERIES 1 EPISODE 8: MATE All you need is love And a notebook, a pen, and a low sense of self worth But when an enchanting woman arrives it looks... More->>

S01E07: Youth

SERIES 1 EPISODE 7: YOUTH Bubble gum popping twins Carl & Lucy are the epitome of the youth of today Smart, feisty and not afraid to answer... More->>

S01E06: Performance

SERIES 1 EPISODE 6: PERFORMANCE MOTHER employs only the best testers and The Interviewer has long since been at the top of the ranks, but when... More->>

S01E05: Chocolate

SERIES 1 EPISODE 5: CHOCOLATE Everyone has a sweet tooth, but when defiant single mum Alice finds herself in the Interviewer's chair testing has... More->>

S01E04: Faith

SERIES 1 EPISODE 4: FAITH Where does Religion fit into MOTHER's plan for a perfect society Perhaps, through fizzy drinks The Interviewer meets... More->>